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Julefrokost 2015

Christmas arrives but once a year…

Christmas arrives but once a year,
And Drivr is here to spread the cheer.
On a Thursday morning our three teams gathered:
Cambridge arrived looking smart and well-mannered.
The gents of Vilnius weren’t far behind,
They proved to be Baltics’ most refined.
After breakfast, put on by Copenhagen’s finest,
Flowed strategy ideas that shined the brightest.
Presentations were followed by chatter from mingling,
And the day wrapped-up at dinner with giggling.

Feeling fresh on Friday (though some may disagree)
Drivr kicked off its Tour de Tech with excitement and glee!
Hopping on a bus from one stop to another,
Seven startups put on a show for us to discover.
Trustpilot is where we kicked off the tour.
There were gongs, schnapps, and reviews of allure.
Back on the bus we headed to Nørrebro, to 23,
And learned that with them video marketing is key.

Next up were the startups at Founders House
In their broken lift all you could hear were growls.
Those were the fifteen poor Drivr souls,
Calling for help and breathing through air holes.
Rescue arrived and all were relieved
But it was time to go to where we were conceived.

In twenty eleven, when Drivr was starting out
The co-working space SOHO had zero doubt
That one day we would grow into our own
But never forget our beginnings, our cornerstone.
After a delicious lunch of burgers and schnapps
We learned about Hello Group from their two chaps.
Two more startups awaited our visit on the tour,
Looking for Airtame, on Strøget we took a detour.
At Airtame we were in awe of the dongle –
Streaming so smooth you won’t hear a grumble.
The last stop was far but it was worth the drive.
In an industrial ‘hood there lies a surprise:
White walls, wooden floors, and hammocks for chillin’
Peakon’s space is no short of being thrilling.

By four the sun was setting on the city,
The Drivr team was inspired and feeling cheery.
We took a short break but by nighttime we were ready
To eat, drink, and dance until we felt unsteady.
This year’s party was by far the best,
To have such a team we feel very blessed.

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