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Drivr raises €3 million in funding

Today, we’re really excited to announce that we have raised €3 million in new funding. The round was led by the Danish Growth Fund, with participation from existing investors, bringing the total funding to €9 million. You can check out the press release right here.

These are exciting times to be growing within the transportation industry. For years, taxi and private hire companies have been the go-to solution for on-demand rides. However, with the rise of Uber and its ilk, some of the major pitfalls of the taxi industry were further exposed to the public: inconsistent level of service and dated technology leading to a poor and expensive product for the end users.

Our solution is to provide forward-thinking taxi operators with a cutting edge system under the global Drivr brand. With us, they get automatic quality control, and their drivers shave-off dead mileage and are automatically directed to high demand areas. We even help companies grow in their local areas by providing them with state of the art digital marketing tools. Meanwhile, their passengers love the easy-to-use app and corporate clients get a complete set of tools to track and manage all of their transport spending.

Most importantly, we believe that we can deliver a much better service to end users by avoiding a model based on freelance drivers in their private cars, and instead partnering with fleets managed by the best local operators around the world.

With this funding round we’ll roll out Drivr even faster, bringing aboard more progressive taxi and private hire companies around the world. New partnerships mean new opportunities and news. So keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to keep up to date.

Thanks so much for supporting Drivr, and you have our word that we’ll remain committed to delivering the best solution to the transportation industry.

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