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Why Facebook Mobile App Installs are an operator’s holy grail

If you want to win a coveted spot in the pocket of today’s consumers, you have to battle over 2.5 million other mobile apps (Source: Nanigans). Even looking at travel & transportation apps in the UK alone, there are several thousand that every operator with an app has to surpass. With so many apps available to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play, operators can’t rely on people organically finding their local app in the colossal app store haystack. That’s where the wildly successful mobile app install ad comes into play.

What is Facebook Mobile App Install about?

The main purpose of using these ads is to get qualified traffic from sources outside the stores, such as social media, to download your app. Facebook has over 1 billion monthly users world-wide and is right now the gold mine for operators looking to increase their user base. Ads usually appear on a users’ feed and consist of the app name, description, image and a call to action button. Ad units differ depending on the channel and may have some added features that help show the popularity of the app.

Why is it so important?

The Facebook mobile app-install ad  offers the most measurable ROI of any major mobile ad format, and has seen a huge rise in popularity among advertisers and developers and provides a seamless experience for Facebook users.

On top of strong performance, including high clickthrough rates, marketers love app-install ads because their value can often be precisely quantified.

Half of the top grossing apps on the App and Play Store use Facebook App Install ads, and developers say these ads reduce acquisition costs by 15% to 60% (Source: Appsbuilder)

With Facebook Custom Audience targeting, it’s possible to target users based on specific demographics, profiles or actions they may have taken on your brand’s desktop or mobile website. It’s also possible to create Lookalike Audiences of your highest value users, based on Facebook’s wealth of data.



How can you as an operator use it?

Good news, we have plenty of in-house expertise and our Digital Marketing department will assist you in creating and launching targeted campaigns for free! You will acquire new users rapidly and at a significantly lower cost than with traditional marketing methods. You will also be able to target your users specifically, e.g. only acquiring business users with a high life-time value. We will provide with you weekly reports of downloads, cost and retention and consult you in how to further improve the campaigns.


Get in touch with us if you have questions or want to find out more!

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