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Welcome to the Drivr team, Jeremy!

Since announcing our latest funding round, Drivr has signed up more operators across UK and Europe and the rapid growth will only accelerate in the coming months. In order to meet the demand for our technology, we welcome Jeremy Clark as the D.O.G. Director for UK (Deployment Operations & Growth). We sat down with Jeremy for an interview and his answers reveal just how many exciting things we have in store for the operators and their customers.

What inspired you to work for a startup like Drivr?
JC: Startups have a nimbleness about them that seems to get lost as a company ages. I worked at a global corporation in which getting any decision made was as painful as having teeth pulled. Then, I was in an established small company, which was far better, but still risk-averse. At a startup, the ability to get things done and make an instant difference for the benefit of customers is refreshing.

What was your first impression of Drivr?
JC: I’ve come from one of the industry’s leading dispatch software providers which has a very solid, capable product. In comparison, Drivr has innovative features that I’ve never seen in the industry before. Drivr started from a clean slate, rethinking what could be the best dispatch and growth technology for operators. It utilizes new technologies: cloud based on Amazon, Google maps with live traffic, and has built in growth tools and integrations to social media. This freshness and simplicity is attractive to passengers and drivers.

What is on your wish list for the next five years with Drivr?
JC: To have a significant presence in all the cities and major towns in the UK and Ireland with an equivalent number of deployments across the rest of Europe. I’m also very excited about some of the surprises that Drivr has in the pipeline, which really set them apart from other dispatch software providers.

What are your hopes for the taxi and private hire industry? What sorts of trends do you see?
JC: Currently the taxi and private hire industry, as well as the dispatch software industry, are in the middle of significant disruption. Uber, Lyft and other booking platforms are forcing a major rethink to the way fleets operate and the tools they use and provide to their customers. The growth of the cloud as the de-facto standard for hosting software has enabled new-comers to enter the dispatch market and provide fresh solutions to old problems. Drivr is part of this new wave and the pace of development is breathtaking. It is my hope that these new solutions will allow the fleets to compete with Uber, by making them more efficient and user-friendly.

What would a ‘perfect’ day look like for you?
JC: On a perfect work day I’d get up before sunrise and spend an hour working in my allotment (vegetable garden) before having breakfast with my wife and five children. I’d probably cycle to work and manage to achieve everything I set out to achieve that day before cycling home and spending the evening with my family and perhaps a game of indoor football. A perfect non-work day would involve boats, steam trains, countryside and, of course, my family!

If you find yourself in Cambridge, we encourage you to say hello to Jeremy. Otherwise, look out for him in the UK, Ireland, and the rest of Europe, as he brings Drivr to the operator near you.

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