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Welcome to the Drivr team, James !

We love the UK, and UK operators love Drivr. As part of our rapid growth throughout the United Kingdom, we’re proud to announce that James Hill, formerly Sales Manager at Cordic, has joined Drivr and will lead our new UK headquarters.

James and his team will be based in our brand new Drivr UK office in Cambridge (swing by!) and we’re looking forward to welcoming you. A few words from James:

I have spent the last 7 years at Cordic, arguably the most advanced of the classic UK dispatch providers. While traditional manufacturers have served the Taxi and PHV-companies well in the past, the last couple of years have shown that they are not prepared for the disruption in industry and technology that we are seeing right now. New competitors such as Uber or Hailo have only appeared in the last couple of years and, driven by technology and marketing, are growing at an unprecedented pace.

At the same time, fleet-owners are being demanded by their suppliers to invest thousands of pounds in outdated, unreliable hardware and software just to be stuck with it for many more years to come. Not a single classic dispatch provider has managed to develop a somewhat acceptable app-solution to battle new market entrants. In addition, local operators are being left on their own with marketing and branding, leaving each company fighting an uphill battle and trying to reinvent the wheel.

Drivr, on the other hand, has managed to develop cutting-edge technology and app-branding that can easily compete with Uber or Hailo. The entire solution is designed to boost the quality of service and to automate operations, e.g. through advanced IVR or conversion to app. Drivr is releasing updates weekly and operators get to benefit from new features immediately and free of charge, as absolutely everything is included within the weekly fee. They even go as far as to contractually guarantee an industry leading up-time on the entire system.
Drivr is so much more than just a dispatching solution and I am really excited to be part of this amazing company.

I hope to see you in Cambridge soon!


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