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iPhone package

Refurbished iPhones from €6 / £4 a month

We’ve negotiated a bargain phone deal for you to take advantage of. It allows you to have the best hardware on the market in your cars at a very low cost. All phones are refurbished from a professional supplier and are in an “almost new” condition, running the latest Apple iOS operating system. The offer is only available to existing or upcoming Drivr partners and we’re taking pre-orders now.

  1. iPhone 5C, €8 per month for 24months, €75 deposit (£6 / £50)
  2. iPhone 4S, 6 per month for 24months, €50 deposit (£4 / £40)


  •   All phones are unlocked
  •   You or the drivers supply the SIM cards
  •   Deposit is returned if phones are returned within 6 months
  •   3 month binding period
  •   The phones are your property after 24 months
  •   Price is excluding shipping
  •   All phones are from a professional supplier with a 1 month warranty.
  •   Charging cables are not included.
  •   Possibility to install a certificate on the phone blocking the use of other apps


UK and Ireland: Contact James on +44 1223653833 or

Rest of the world: Contact Nikolaj on

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