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Fleet Commander

Introducing Fleet Commander

“A man and his tools make a man and his trade.”

Dispatching was once a dispatcher with a radio in hand, acting as a human switchboard. Today, Drivr partners enjoy state of the art automated dispatching that evaluates and matches city-wide supply and demand on a second-to-second basis. So what does this mean for the role of a dispatcher and how do we enable them to add the most value to the day to day operations of a modern taxi company?

A nine-month research and development with operators
This was one of the questions that prompted us to set off on an nine-month on-site research project involving several of our UK partners. Our Product & Design teams shadowed and interviewed drivers, dispatchers and managing directors. Based on our findings we developed a tool from the ground up aimed at empowering the dispatcher. The tool is called Fleet Commander and as always is available at no additional cost to all our partner operators.

Read more about two of our research findings below or request a demo and we will be happy to show you what this is all about.

See exactly what goes on behind the technology
Our first finding is that it’s important for dispatchers to trust new technology. We understand that trust in algorithms has to be earned, and we therefore had to make automated dispatching processes more transparent and easy to track for the dispatcher. Leaving micro decisions to Drivr’s algorithms allows them to focus on improving driver efficiency, the quality of customer service, and solving issues that arise out of human factors. Fleet Commander allows dispatchers to effortlessly track auto-dispatching with timely alerts when any anomalies arise. They can also track bookings that require special attention, while taking care of other tasks and following the booking progress from dispatch to completion.

The dispatcher at the center of the technology
Second, making automated dispatching more transparent enables operators to manually take over and take critical decisions. Issues arising from human factors that the automated dispatch can not account for (yet) are brought to the dispatcher’s attention together with efficient tools to resolve them. For example, the dispatcher at the tap of a button pulls a range of priority bookings based on filters out of auto dispatching. Then, Fleet Commander’s smart allocation tool can be used to bring up a list of the best matched drivers for these bookings. In a matter of seconds these bookings are taken care of and dispatched with priority.

Want to find out more? Get in touch for an online or live demo.

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