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Sneak peek into our every day life: Copenhagen edition

In our three offices across Europe there are people – working on their laptops, on their phones, running in and out of meetings – whose goal is to keep building the best products to make our operators, drivers, and riders happy. They are the force behind Drivr, and this is the space they have to make their days productive and keep the coffee flowing. Today, we welcome you to take a behind the scenes look into our headquarters in Copenhagen.

Nestled in a quaint courtyard in the heart of the most multi-cultural neighborhood of the Danish capital, this office boasts two stories of open space lined with white walls and whiteboards.

If you’re looking for privacy, there are cozy nooks decorated with firewood and a moose head mount. If you need a dose of rejuvenation the beanbags and yoga balls provide just that. And for the adventurous types, you can take the short cut from the second floor to the first using the built-in fire pole.

This office space offers a bit of everything for everyone, so scroll through our images and discover the life at Drivr’s HQ:

PS: While reading this post and flipping through the photos if you thought to yourself “Wow, I would love my every day to look and feel like this,” then we welcome you to our Career page. Who knows, maybe in two weeks you’ll be sitting on one of those bean bags?

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