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Fleet Commander

Introducing Fleet Commander

“A man and his tools make a man and his trade.” Dispatching was once a dispatcher with a radio in hand, acting as a human switchboard. Today, Drivr partners enjoy state of the art automated dispatching that evaluates and matches city-wide supply and demand on a second-to-second basis. So what does this mean for the role of a dispatcher and

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Jeremy Clark Header Image_v2

Welcome to the Drivr team, Jeremy!

Since announcing our latest funding round, Drivr has signed up more operators across UK and Europe and the rapid growth will only accelerate in the coming months. In order to meet the demand for our technology, we welcome Jeremy Clark as the D.O.G. Director for UK (Deployment Operations & Growth). We sat down with Jeremy for an interview and his answers reveal just how many exciting

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Funding Coverage

Good news travels fast

It has been a busy week since we’ve announced our latest funding round. We are proud of all the hard work our partners, funders, and team have put into spreading the good news. We are eager to share with you all the media coverage we’ve received.

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iPhone package

Refurbished iPhones from €6 / £4 a month

We’ve negotiated a bargain phone deal for you to take advantage of. It allows you to have the best hardware on the market in your cars at a very low cost. All phones are refurbished from a professional supplier and are in an “almost new” condition, running the latest Apple iOS operating system. The offer is only available to existing or upcoming

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Why Facebook Mobile App Installs are an operator’s holy grail

If you want to win a coveted spot in the pocket of today’s consumers, you have to battle over 2.5 million other mobile apps (Source: Nanigans). Even looking at travel & transportation apps in the UK alone, there are several thousand that every operator with an app has to surpass. With so many apps available to download on the iOS App

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